But why not?

Due to my work in the past year for the Jordan Tourism Board, I’ve met about 40 or so travel bloggers, and spoken online to a couple dozen more. The single most asked question: “Do you have a blog?”

When my answer is a “No!” in an almost of-course-I-don’t-have-a-blog-I-can’t-have-a-blog-I-don’t-have-time-for-a-blog tone, then the following question is almost always…”But why not?”

So, yeah, why not?

On my first (and hopefully not last) trip to Brazil in June, I got the final push by KeithMelvinMichael, and Alex to finally start a blog and it was on that same trip that I bought this domain. However, I didn’t just buy it because I was pushed. I do admire the work of serious bloggers and see real value in it (obviously, since I’ve invested professionally in it). I also LOVE sharing; that’s why I love social media networks so much. It’s all the sharing. I love sharing quirky/fun things, interesting things, weird did-I-really-just-see/read-that sort of stuff. And I really wanted to share my trip to Brazil (It was INCREDIBLE!).

I went to Thailand & Cambodia in November/December 2011 and felt that need to share. I could share my photos on Facebook and Google+, tweet a thing or two about what I did, and share a video or two on YouTube…but I can’t fully express the wonder and utter joy I felt while on that trip. Isabelle kindly allowed me to write on her blog about my visit to Angkor Wat (here and here) and it felt great to share some useful information more coherently. I felt that same feeling about Brazil and wanting to share all I felt and all that I did. I also felt it after I went skydiving upon my return to Jordan.

So, hopefully, I get to do that now. I have lots of great video (courtesy of Alex), and l have lots to share about that great experience. I will also likely write a little about previous trips, and future ones. And once in a while, I’ll probably ramble on about something.

In short, welcome, and thanks for reading 🙂

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  1. Mikeachim says:

    Now it begins.

    *rumble of thunder*

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