Pretty Prague

When I was 12, my mom brought home a book of photography dedicated to the beautiful city of Prague. I remember perusing that book and wondering if I would ever get to see the city in person. Prague was always on my list of cities to see in Europe since then, but I had never made actual plans to go. In May, I finally got to change that, but sadly I only ended up staying for two days, of which I only had 3 hours of freedom to explore. 

I had gone to Prague to attend a conference. I arrived in the late afternoon on a Wednesday in the pouring rain, and sadly had to stay put in my hotel (with only a short walk to have dinner at a restaurant close by) to do some work and to avoid getting drenched. Thursday was conference day, so I sat through session after session, eagerly awaiting some free time after to check out some of Prague’s beautiful architecture and cobbled streets. So that’s exactly what I did after the conference ended in the evening, as it was my only chance before having to fly out Friday morning.

Unfortunately, the weather was slightly terrible, cloudy, and rainy, so my pictures aren’t great. But if Prague looks this good in the rain, imagine how amazing it looks in sunny weather?! I can’t wait to go back and explore properly.

p.s. Fun fact #1 – It must be mentioned: the people I met were some of the friendliest and nicest I’ve ever met while travelling. Definitely a plus!

Fun fact #2 – This was my very first truly “solo” trip, where I’ve gone to a new city, didn’t know the language or anybody there, and was left to explore on my own. It was quite freeing. 





Old Town Square, Prague.
Old Town Square, Prague.








Prague astronomical clock
The astronomical clock








Prague bridge
View from the bridge in the old town.


Old Town Square, Prague.
Old Town Square, Prague.

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